PJ5 Trip to the Criminal Courts of Justice

04 February 2014


Students from the Certificate in Journalism for the Digital Age took their reporting skills to town on February 4th when they visited the Criminal Courts of Justice in Parkgate Street.

After a quick exchange with some TV3 camera operators, the students took a tour around the auspicious surroundings of the courts, and were given the lowdown on what cases take place there.  They then headed upstairs to the Central Criminal Court to listen to evidence being given in a murder trial.

Student made notes furiously, trying their best to keep up with the pace of the trial, where a Garda was being questioned about evidence taken and then being sharply cross-examined by the defence.

They then spent an hour at another trial, where Judge Paul Carney was summing up evidence for the jury.

Students of Journalism at DFEi learn about the rules and restrictions of court reporting, and this was a good opportunity to practice observing these rules, while witnessing the real-life human drama of the upper courts.

They returned to college, ready to convert their extensive notes into a short, accessible news piece.