Jane Arigho of Headline visits DFEi Journalism students

13 November 2013

Jane Arigho, from the action group Headline, was the guest speaker in Dún Laoghaire Further Education  Institute in November 2013.

Ms Arigho, Media Project Coordinator with Headline, the National Media Monitoring Programme for Mental Health & Suicide in the media, gave her talk to the first and second year Print Journalism and Radio Broadcasting students.

Headline is responsible for managing how mental health and suicide is portrayed in newspapers an other media.   Ms Arigho explained to the students how the organisation operated within the print and broadcast media.

"Headline's main objective is to create inclusive coverage, challenge stigma and myths, and promote positive mental health," explained Ms Arigho.

Ms Arigho, who has to pore through an average of 25,000 articles a year, also said that "when papers get it wrong, they get it really wrong".  However, she stated that standards have improved over the years with papers such as the Irish Examiner, The Irish Times and the Daily Mail being the publications with the most positive coverage of mental health issues.

Student were encouraged to contact Jane in future if they had any queries, needed future interviews or were interested in doing an internship with Headline.