Michelle Dardis 2011-2013

16 September 2013
Michelle Dardis 2011-2013

Michelle Dardis, DEFi Journalism Student 2011-2013


Like many students in sixth year, I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do when I left school.  I toyed with a couple of career choices, but always came back to the same one - Journalism.  Still not 100 per cent sure that journalism was what I wanted to do with my life, I decided to look into one or two year courses which could lead me to a third level degree under the right circumstances - this is how I found DFEi.

When I stated in DFEi in September 2011, I immediately felt like I had made the right choice.  The course offered a slice of everything journalistic and allowed me to decided if Journalism was the career for me.  The course itself was a perfect blend of theory and practical work which meant we were always learning new skills, and before boredom had a chance to set in, we'd be learning something else.


While working away everyone was under the watchful eyes of teacher who were highly skilled and knew exactly what they were talking about,  They were friendly, approachable and always on hand to offer assistance and advice.


The academic environment in DFEi is one which would be the envy of a lot of colleges around.  While it can be challenging and demanding at times, it's also fun, interactive and highly motivating.


Studying at DFEi opened a lot for doors for me, the biggest one of these being a third level place in year 2 of the BA in Journalism in DIT.  I achieved this through the advanced entry link between DFEi and DIT, and will be starting there soon along with three of my classmates.


Without the teachers and all the staff at DFEi who taught me invaluable skills and offered their support, this opportunity wouldn't have arisen and I wouldn't be stepping closed to a career in Journalism.  I can only hope that my next three years in DIT will be as good as the ones I spent in DFEi.