PR5's Promote FUSE

29 January 2013

The first tentative steps to promote the college album FUSE took place on a very rainy and windy Tuesday January 29th 2013. The Public Relations class (PR5) took on the project for their Event Production module.  Somehow, they managed to convince Noirin Nolan, Manager of Dún Laoghaire Shopping Centre that the promotion should take place in her front foyer.  These learners take their work very seriously and Noirin was besieged with phone calls, emails and visits from the young and enthusiastic event organisers – not so good for Noirin – but very good for the learners.  Indeed, Noirin will never realise the favour she did these young people – giving them a public venue in which to run their event.

Working as a team PR5 organised staging, sound, singers from the album, backdrops, posters, flyers, t-shirts, balloons and lollipops for the kids. Learners from SE5A (Sound Engineering Level 5) also performed while students from MP2 (Higher National Diploma in Music Production) lent their expertise on the sound desk – a successful collaboration all in all.
The promotion gig had pride of place at the top of the escalator being the first thing the unsuspecting shoppers saw on entering from George’s Street. Passers-by commented favourably on the professional quality of "Not the Same" sung by Steo Doran and Emma Curry.

Maybe a few balloons were lost between DFEi and the shopping centre; maybe a few elderly shoppers were somewhat bemused at beat boxers and rappers, but the fledging event managers in PR5 were dizzy with success.  The album is due to be launched in April and we wish it every success.