Event production is no picnic

15 October 2012


Learners from PR5 took a field trip to the O'Reilly Conference Centre in UCD on the 11th October 2012.  Event Manager, Mary Staunton, brought the learners on a tour of the extensive building while giving a very informative talk on the highs and lows of event management; the highs being the exhilaration of managing a successful event; the lows being the frequent necessity of having to roll up your sleeves and do the less glamorous tasks if staff fail to turn up.


The learners were particularly impressed with the state of the art conference facilities and were amazed to learn that conferences had to be booked three to five years in advance.


The learners form PR5 were delighted with Ms Staunton's animated performance and they asked lots of questions.  They agreed that the experience was very beneficial and that it gave them a better understanding of the day to day realities of organising events.