Furniture visit from University of Gothenburg

26 March 2015
Furniture visit from University of Gothenburg

On Thursday 26th March, DFEi hosted a visit from Adrian Coen, an Irish born Lecturer in the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Adrian had researched colleges in Ireland providing Furniture Design and Manufacture in an attempt to promote the Furniture Degree courses on offer in the University of Gothenburg's specialist Furniture college HDK Steneby, where Adrian teaches.

Adrian pointed out that his research of Irish colleges led him primarily to DFEi due to our specialism and reputation in this field. The University of Gothenburg is confident that graduates who have studied Level 6 Furniture Design would contribute strongly to the skills mix in their college due to the excellence of the two year learning and development which they receive in DFEi. As such, they are keen for DFEi graduates to apply to their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Wood Oriented Furniture Design. Major incentives of studying in Sweden is that all EU nationals can study there for free and that all classes are delivered in English.

As part of his visit, Adrian delivered a presentation to a packed Lecture Room in DFEi, which was attended by learners from our Furniture Design and Manufacture, Musical Instrument Making, Architectural Technology and Design and Back to Education courses. The presentation, amongst other things, showed Final Year students work, whose final design brief is generated by industry. Students vie for a contract for their design to be brought to mass production stage by industry. In addition, their work is displayed at the annual Stockholm Furniture Fair with selected work having been displayed in Milan.

Afterwards, Adrian visited DFEi's Furniture workshops where he was overwhelmed by the standard of DFEi learners' work. He was particularly impressed with the range of skills displayed by Level 5 learners after just one year. He further felt that the originality of design displayed by the Level 6 learners indicated the enormous potential for our learners on his programme.

For further information, HDK Steneby can be found here: