HS6 visit Dalkey School Project

25 March 2015
HS6 visit Dalkey School Project

On the 25th March 2015 learners from HS6 completed a health promotion event with 6th class pupils from Dalkey School Project. The title of the event was "Making a Healthy Move".  The objective of the event was to inform the pupils how to make healthy choices as they make the transition from primary to secondary school.

The topics covered were study skills, healthy eating, nutrition, sport, exercise and stress.  The pupils were given tips on managing time, healthy lunches, sport activities in their area, how to recognise their emotions and where to get help if they feel they need to talk to someone.  

The learners used visual aids and activities to keep the pupils engaged and create a fun atmosphere.  They also had goodie bags for the pupils containing Hi-vis gear, leaflets and stationary to prepare them for the big move in September which were very well received.  It was a very informative and enjoyable morning for the learner of DFEi and the pupils of Dalkey School Project.


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