Annual Dog Walk

16 January 2015
Annual Dog Walk


The Annual Dog Walk took place on Friday 16th January 2015, some 50 learners, 30 dogs and 3 teachers (Niall Power, Sinead Byrne and Hannah Dowling)  braved the cold January morning and headed for a brisk walk along the west pier.  Some learners appeared to be getting walked by their dogs as did Niall who was walked by "Belle".  Niall is still waiting for his arm to return to normal length!!!

Along with this sponsored walk, learners held a raffle and cake sale and raised nearly €2,500.  This money will be divided between the DSPCA and The Donkey Sanctuary.  AH5A also made a donation to Dogs in Distress while AH5B made a donation to Dogs Aid.  All worthy animal charities providing great services.

A sincere word of thanks to all the learners, staff and dogs involved.

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