PJ5 Trip to Google Headquarters

27 January 2015
PJ5 Trip to Google Headquarters

Where do I leave my CV?! - PJ5's take Google by storm

By Journalism student, Barry McEvoy

Google was kind enough to allow the first year Journalism class to take a tour around their European Headquarters in Dublin’s Docklands, with a little help from Business Teacher Shane McGovern.
The tour started with great disappointment as there was no ball for the table football game in the waiting area. It was a problem that couldn’t be rectified, according to one of Google’s top security men. We got over it…
The “Sherriff of Google”, Brendan Reynolds, introduced himself to the group and he took half of us for the tour, and Sean brought the others.
We were showed the pool and gym area, which are both free to all Google staff 24/7. Brendan then escorted us to the canteen area, where we were afforded a free lunch. There was nothing innovative or exciting about the food, it was just a buffet. There was an ice cream machine, however, that was given good use.
Once we were finished eating Brendan took us through the building, showing us where the “Googlers” actually worked. Each floor has a different theme. There’s the “giant floor”, where everything is abnormally huge, the lamps are about six feet in height, for example.
Google seem to be innovators in everything they do. In the lift, Brendan was jokingly asked “there’s definitely something special about these lifts too, isn’t there?” to which he replied with a laugh, “yeah, they’re the fastest ones in Europe!”
Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the building is the view from the 13th floor. Brendan told us that it is the tallest building in Dublin. It really becomes apparent when one looks out the windowed wall on the 13th floor. The view of Dublin is unrivalled. You can see into the Aviva Stadium, which is by no means a small structure itself.
It was a great experience to see what Google is like on the inside. It’s as one would expect – full of bright colours and fresh faces. With an average age of just 31, it’s easy to see why Google is consistently leading the line for innovation in the IT sector.