DFEi Open Day 23rd January 2013

23 January 2013

Enthusiastic prospective applicants of all ages filled the canteen at DFEi on Wednesday 23rd January 2013.

Visitors were guided throughout DFEi and urged to attend the various workshops being staged throughout the building.  For Example:  Animals were groomed as part of the Animal Health Course, while learners from second year journalism stimulated a news room, putting together a newspaper from scratch,  The Wave Online broadcasted from the canteen also and visitors took to the airways to air their views on numerous topics and issues.  DFEi Music also hosted a stand with tracks from the new album "FUSE" being played.

"It was great to put what we learned on the course into practice, and the visitors seemed really impressed with us", said Niamh Haskins (Journalism Level 6).

Open day organiser, Irene O'Reilly, said of the event, "It all ran smoothly and went well, hopefully our visitors found what they were looking for".