Dublin Daes - Emerald Melody

18 November 2014
Dublin Daes - Emerald Melody
Michelle Brennan, Sound Recording Graduate, recently published Dublin Daes under her pseudonym Emerald Melody.
Dublin Daes
Looks can be deceiving.
Dublin can be a nice place if you don’t account for the beasts and beings that co-habit with ordinary people. There is one person in the city who has the responsibility to protect the innocents. But he doesn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart; Drew O’Connor does it because he has red in his ledger that needs to be erased. With his past forgotten he hopes that he can move on with his wife and she would never know about him. That he is a werewolf.
But things get complicated as a lost family member resurfaces, threatening to cause chaos in the town. When the carnage escalates, Drew must make the decision: Keep his wife oblivious or tell her in order to save her and the city. Will saving the city from destruction be the redemption that Drew needs to start over life?