A Trip Through Time - AC5 Students Visit UCD

25 November 2013
A Trip Through Time - AC5 Students Visit UCD

Students from DFEi's Arts, Culture and history course made a visit to UCD's Folklore, Archaeology and Classical Studies Departments on November 25th.

The tour began in the Folklore Department where students were shown the paintings of the many scholars associated with Irish Folklore as well as various depictions of rural Ireland in past times.  Students then had the chance to don CSI gloves as they examined early manuscripts in the archive room.

Moving on to the Archaeology Department, the class was treated to an energetic presentation by Professor Tadhg O'Keeffe, Head of Archaeology, who gave a most unbiased account of the college and particularly his department.

If students were not sufficiently inspired to progress to pursue a Degree in Archaeology at this point, they were further encouraged by meeting with Niall Inwood, a former DFEi Arts, culture and History students now completing his Master in UCD.

Moving on to the Classical Museum - a well hidden treasure and the last stop for the day - students were treated to a talk by Dr Joanna Day, who gave an extensive insight into the collection and its history.

Students returned to DFEi enthused if exhausted by their whistle-stop tour through time.  Once student commented that "teacher Paula Harvey has her work cut out planning the next outing as this one is going to be hard to beat.  Meantime the class are signing up to the gym to keep pace with Paula!"