The Wave Online - 18th to 22nd February 2013

07 January 2013

The Wave online, DFEi’s radio station broadcasts online every Friday from 1.30pm and will broadcast on 97.3fm from the 18th to the 22nd February 2012.  Full details to follow.

Digital radio is an ever growing industry in Ireland and for those involved in it; it’s an exciting and good development from the rather dated analogue (FM) system still in use today.  The big question on many people’s lips is. “What’s the difference?”, and put simply, an analogue transmitter, the radio, had to be tuned with the analogue signal either AM or FM.  Whereas the digital transmitter is simply switched on and off.

First of all a Digital Radio is not a digital screenplay. It’s much more than that. Digital radio is the new way to listen to your favourite radio stations plus a whole load of new ones! Because of the way it transmits a signal, Digital Radio can double the number of radio stations you can get on FM and can give you access to many others.

Because of the way digital radio technology works, broadcasters can transmit many more stations than ever before. From rock to easy listening, today’s hits to books and comedy. On average (depending on location) the digital radio listener will have double the choice of stations compared to listening via FM.


Have you ever heard a song on the radio and wanted to know who it is by or what it's called? Or tuned into speech radio and wanted to know what the programme is about or who is speaking? Digital radio sets come equipped with a small screen which carries information about the programme you're listening to. This may be a plot summary to a play, the name of the track currently being played, e-mail addresses, up to the minute sports results or competition details, and sometimes even what's coming up next.

Digital radio doesn't suffer from the annoying effects of interference caused by adverse atmospheric conditions or electrical interference, which can spoil analogue broadcasts. The way digital radio is broadcast means there is no hiss and crackle, no fading, no overlap, just great radio all the time as long as you are within the coverage area.

Some new Digital Radios let you Pause, Record and Rewind live radio. For the first time this puts you in control of when you listen to the radio. Unlike some digital television and radio services, you don't have to pay to receive Digital Radio.  Once you've bought the product, you'll enjoy all the benefits of digital radio completely free.