DFEi Music Album "FUSE" Launch April 2013

07 January 2013



Every year students from the Media Department on the Sound Engineering and Music Production Courses produce an album for sale and distribution.  The production of this album forms a key focal part of the creative and academic sequential learning in this area.  The albums produced by DFEi are usually very successful. 

The talented Music Production students from DFEI are set to release this year’s exciting college album, a move which will thrill music lovers across Dublin. 

The students are currently putting the final touches to the album, and are now preparing for the imminent release that will hopefully build upon the existing fan base so that the student’s music can be heard by as many people as possible.

The album, “FUSE”, consists of nine original songs from home-grown artists combining high-energy sounds across many different genres.   The album will be recorded at DFEi’s Recording Studios, and its creation is supported by students and staff members who have been associated with the college for many years.

“FUSE” will be produced in conjunction with Nielsen Music.

For news on upcoming events, gigs and the DFEi album launch in the new year, watch this space!