Glendalough Teambuilding Weekend

13 October 2012
Glendalough Teambuilding Weekend


The annual teambuilding trip to Glendalough for Class Representatives took place on the 12th and 13th of October 2012.  This weekend was a great opportunity to meet and become familiar with new colleagues and forge relationships for the academic year ahead.  Learners come to DFEi to gain educational and employment opportunities, but we as learners can also become involved in establishing a new standard of quality of college life for present and future learners.

The Glendalough weekend for class representatives began on a sunny and rather chilly Saturday morning in October. Having arrived and become acquainted over lunch, we were challenged with the aid of teacher Marie Longeran, to test out abilities with teamwork skills in the afternoon sun.  Although the activities were (intentionally) tricky, I believe we didn't fail to impress!  The activities served as a great ice-breaker for learners and teachers alike in becoming familiar with the appreciating each other.   

In the evening, we found ourselves trekking across one of Glendalough's many hills.  Even those who had been here before felt a great sense of appreciation for the natural beauty of Wicklow.  The group even featured some (self-described) bush-craft practitioners who could interpret the call of a female deer and the hoof-marks and droppings of a stag!

Arriving back for an evening meal to recuperate, we joined a travelling couple for a session of African drumming.  Here, we could produce something greater than our own voice with each drum sound, an orchestra of various percussion and beaten sounds in rhythm and melody.  Speaking for myself, I could see the simple profound sense of the individual in a collective.

All in all, the weekend was a great time for everyone.  The learners and I were very appreciative of the efforts of Emer, Marie, Sinead, Mark and Pat in facilitating such a fine weekend.

by Jon Forrestal (Care Assistant)