DFEi Students Council Teambuilding Weekend October 2014

20 October 2014
DFEi Students Council Teambuilding Weekend October 2014
A terrific time was had by all on DFEi's teambuilding trip to Glendalough
this past weekend.  Dún Laoghaire Further Education Institute owns its own
bus, which ferried a merry band of Class Reps to the An Óige youth hostel
in the gorgeous surrounds of St Kevin's round tower on Saturday, October
18th.  Firstly, after lunch, we set off on a 2 hour, 5 mile hike and were
blessed by warm weather and even the clouds stayed away.  We were wowed by
beautiful views and colours and a great opportunity for this group to make
each other's acquaintance. There were participants from as far afield as
Poland, Palestine, France and indeed Wicklow, and the teambuilding
activities back at base after the hike were good fun; everyone entered into
the spirit with gusto.
Sinéad O'Brien (from Living Rhythm, based in Greystones), joined us to lead
a drumming session in the early evening which was the perfect interlude
between a hearty (well earned) dinner and one last teambuilding workshop.
Drumming produces a lot of satisfaction in a group, and the feedback from
participants was really positive.
We look forward to producing world class leaders as the year progresses -
watch this space! -Emer Liston, eliston@dfei.ie