Food Science and Nutrition: Pre-University Science


One Year Full-time


Level 5 QQI Award Laboratory Techniques (5M3807)

Course Aims

This course is suitable for learners who are interested in preparing for a career as a food scientist and/or further education in food, science or agriculture sectors. A food scientist applies their knowledge of biology, chemistry and engineering to develop and improve foods and has a role to play in all aspects of the food chain from production, to processing, storage and marketing. The food industry, Ireland’s largest industry, with Irish food companies being amongst the most successful in the world, employing up to 230,000 is expected to grow. This sector needs highly qualified graduates with a clear understanding of food, nutrition, health and their interrelationships.

Course Requirements

One of the following:

  • Leaving Certificate Established/LCVP
  • Leaving Certificate Applied
  • Relevant QQI Level 4 Award
  • Mature applicants are welcome


Course Modules

  • Laboratory Skills
  • Microbiology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Food Safety and HACCP
  • Fruit and Vegetable Production
  • Mathematics
  • Communications
  • Work Experience

Special Features

  • Work Placement
  • Hands-on-laboratory
  • Small class groups
  • Visits to industry
  • Professional guest lectures
  • CAO advise

Career Options

Learners should use this course as a stepping stone in order to obtain a high level qualification in the progression areas listed below. Alternatively learners may seek immediate employment in a range of companies and projects that seek graduates with a science aptitude. Career opportunities such as food technologists, food scientists, microbiologists, food safety consultants, technicians, food engineers, laboratory assistants and product development managers exist for graduates who complete further or higher education qualifications

Progression Opportunities

Graduates are eligible to apply through the CAO and/or the Higher Education Links Scheme to a range of higher certificate and degree programmes, at both Universities and Institutes of Technology. There are progression options in a wide range of areas including food science, general science, agricultural science, sports science, culinary arts, applied science in nutrition and many other related areas. Example are shown below. However a full list of programmes to choose from will be given to all learners at induction in September.

Progression Examples


BSc in Food Science (DN261)
Bachelor of Science (DN200)
BSc in Agricultural Science (DN250)
BSc in Dairy Business (DN252)
University College Dublin
Bachelor of Science (MH201)
Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (MH202)
Bachelor of Science in Biological and Medical Science (MH208)
National University of Ireland Maynooth
Bachelor of Science (TR071)
Trinity College Dublin
BSc in Nutraceuticals in Health and Nutrition (DT420)
BSc in Food Innovation (DT421)
BSc in Environmental Health (DT491)
BSc in Clinical Measurement Science (DT229)
BA in Culinary Arts (DT407)
Dublin Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition, Food and
Business Management (AS051)
St Angels’s College Sligo