Mission, Vision, Values


Mission Statement

To provide a holistic approach where the value of each person is recognised and nurtured in our educational environment.

The key elements of DDLETB's vision and mission are the development of the individual as a member of society and the inclusive nature of programmes and their openness to all, particularly, anyone disadvantaged by social exclusion, marginalisation, location or disability.

The ability to be innovative and flexible in responding to the needs of individuals and society and a commitment to working in partnership with all relevant stakeholders will underpin the delivery of the vision and mission.


Staff are committed to ensuring that every learner is given every opportunity to develop to their full potential.  Staff are also enabling learners to develop the skills for employment or educational progression.


DFEi values self-respect and creating a positive self-image in all learners.  DFEi seeks to support the rights, abilities and worth of all individuals and to encourage independent thought and a sense of responsibility to managing their own learning process.